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We believe that investment management is and will continue to be commoditized. Our philosophy emphasizes comprehensive financial planning and the importance of coordinating a client’s portfolio with their planning objectives. For long-term equity exposure we employ passive low-cost investment strategies, and we do not get involved in active stock picking.
Rather than allocating a client’s portfolio based on their chronological age, we allocate it based on how much time there is until they need a particular pool based on their planning objectives and income needs. We consider your:

• Time Horizon
• Need
• Risk Tolerance

We seek to help you answer the following questions:

• Do I have enough money?
• Is it in the right places?
• Which assets should I use first?

Our strategy is built on a structured approach, with the objective of providing retirement income. It follows a segmented methodology that divides your retirement into segments or “buckets” that each have a defined duration. Each bucket employs a different investment strategy, guided by an assumed rate of return, based upon the time available for the investments to work on your behalf.

Those buckets where the objective is to provide income in the early years of retirement typically hold investments or insurance products that have little or no stock market exposure.

Buckets not needed to provide income until later in retirement (typically 10 years and beyond) are placed in investments that carry varied market risk based on expected return within an acceptable risk tolerance. Dividends and interest earned, if any, in these remaining segments are reinvested.

We feel that our value-add lies in our investment and planning approach that includes proper asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing, choosing sensible places to spend from and overall coordination with a client’s planning objectives and estate plan rather than picking one investment manager over another.

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