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In May 1994, Steve joined The Bulfinch Group in Boston, MA immediately after graduating college to pursue his dream of working in the financial services industry.


Al spent the first few years of his career working in operations management at W.W. Grainger but always knew his true passion was to work directly with clients. In 1995, he decided to shift his path and joined the Bulfinch Group.


As young advisors, Steve and Al quickly became friends and colleagues but maintained their own personal businesses.


They spent a couple of years building their individual, thriving practices and expanding their knowledge of the industry. It is during these learning years that Steve and Al were determined to expand their services to comprehensive financial planning. In 1997 they joined the New England Advisory Group (NEAG) in Newton, MA.


Common in the industry, NEAG encouraged “junior” advisors to team up with “senior advisors” so Steve and Al each worked as junior advisors for several senior advisors. As they shared stories of their daily experiences, they quickly realized that their business goals, values, morals and standards were all in line.


By early 1998, they were no longer benefitting from working with senior advisors and decided to try working together as partners.


In their first initiative as partners, they began conducting seminars. They mailed 7,000 postcard invitations and miraculously, 50 people showed up! They met their first joint client at that seminar in early 1998 and have been 50/50 partners ever since. 


In 2003, they began a search for an independent, comprehensive financial planning firm that focused on retirement planning and wealth management.  That search led them to Integrated Financial Partners (Integrated) and they officially joined the firm in 2003. 


In 2004, they entered their first professional partner relationship with Piccerelli Gilstein and Co, LLP to provide exclusive financial planning, investment and insurance advice to their clients. Not only was this a transformative event, but it proved to be a significant, positive turning point in their practice. They proudly maintain that partnership today.


In 2005, Steve and Al began working almost exclusively with higher net worth individuals. They affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors' Resource Group to become more knowledgeable in advanced financial planning situations.​


Kristin Bjorkman (Director of Business Processing) joined the practice in the very early years. Steve and Al have always recognized the power of having seasoned staff working behind the scenes. In 2014 they welcomed Carla Leombruno (Practice Manager), in 2015 Matt Bonsall (Director of Investment Planning Operations),  in 2018 Denise Nou (Director of Client Reporting and Online Access), and in 2023 John Piantedosi (Chief Operating Officer).


Today, Steve and Al are proud of their status as one of the largest and most tenured financial planning teams at Integrated Financial Partners.


Piccerelli Gilstein and Co, LLP and LPL Financial are separate entities. 

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